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Welcome back to all!

Hopefully this latest update finds you all in good health in these unprecedented times. 

Last term saw all of Good Toes Ballet's classes go online. Remote teaching started in March and had continued with great energy all the way through to the end of the summer term in July. Classes were well attended and the children did brilliantly! I was impressed with everyone's attitude to working at home and with the dedication to their practice even when out of the studio. A special mention goes out to all the pre-schoolers and Reception aged children who, though they are young, did brilliantly in a situation which I, initially, thought might be quite testing! 

Last term also saw me taking on the role of Youtuber! Classes were recorded for all age groups and links distributed to those missing a class at the end of term or just wanting to do a bit more at home. The classes were divided up into different, easy to locate, videos so students could either work through a whole class or just concentrate on a specific exercise that needed a little work. Sometimes, I popped on an extra training exercises to support the remote classes and the two together gave a really comprehensive learning experience.   

Unfortunately, our school show had to be postponed due to COVID-19 which was a big disappointment to the children and to me. Putting on a show is a great undertaking with a myriad of jobs including choreography, music editing, costume designing and making, logistical planning, rehearsing, timetabling, programme writing and printing and many more besides. However, putting on a show is also lots of fun and gives the children the opportunity to perform on stage, which is what it's all about! Hopefully, we will be able to reschedule in 2021 when all those audiences are welcomed back into theatres across the country. Sadly, we also missed the summer exam session as the Royal Academy of Dance locked down. There was rumour of remote video exams but these were not to be as the London session was excluded from the RAD's arrangments. 

As government advice stands currently (August 2020) I am pleased to say that plans are afoot to return to the studio in September. Summer refresher classes are scheduled, particularly important for those taking exams in the near future, but also a great way to get back into the swing of ballet class after so long at home. I look forward to seeing you all back in our lovely studios in September. In the meantime, stay safe and keep practicing! 

All the best,


Olivia Boda ARAD, PDTD, RTS