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Welcome back to all!

At Good Toes School of Ballet we have started the term with great energy. During the summer a selection of the Grade 3 and 4s attended some extra classes, incorporating syllabus work and ballet conditioning. The conditioning was a mix of PBT, floor barre and general strengthening and stretching exercises. I think everyone was aching afterwards but it really helped to get the students up to speed for September. 

The Grade 3s had a really productive term last term and are coming on well. Following our termly Watching Week earlier in the year many of the parents commented on how complicated and difficult the RAD Grade 2 syllabus is. They're right! We have worked very hard on the necessary technique to perform the exercises properly and it is both a physical and mental challenge. When I was at a seminar at the Royal Ballet School we were thinking about the physiological processes that occur when we learn how to dance or execute a particular step. There was great emphasis put on pupils learning the steps as technically correctly as possible from the very first time. And, as any dancer will tell you, re-learning and implementing technique you have been doing incorrectly for years is much harder than learning afresh. So, although the Grade 2 RAD, when taught by Good Toes School of Ballet, may seem complicated and difficult, our pupils have the tools and technique to attempt the work and bring out the best in their dancing. They have really risen to the challenge set by the RAD Syllabus and I was a very proud teacher when we completed our Watching Week on the last Thursday of the term. Well done all, your work has been transformed in this last year.

Our last set of exam grades were something to really write home about. The group of students taking their Grade 1 and 2 exams performed splendidly! All of the candidates received a mark of 70 or above, with a quarter of students receiving a Distinction! These really are some very, very good results. Any school would be proud of these. They are a sign of the dedication of the students and the quality of teaching at Good Toes. We strive for the best technique our students can achieve and they are rewarded with great marks. 

Back in March, due to the strong exam results achieved, some of our dancers were invited to compete for the Sallie Lewis award, held at the Royal 

Academy of Dance. The competition was very tough and the girls danced with great poise and made us very proud. There was only one prize on offer for their grade, which unfortunately we didn't snaffle, but we look forward to the next regional awards day with great anticipation!


This year's new Pre-Schoolers have started in great style! Both classes have been having fun and are packed with responsive and capable little dancers. They have taken to the exercises with great aplomb and I have high hopes for them. What a great start to the term! 

Wishing you all an exciting and productive Autumn!


Olivia Boda ARAD, PDTD, RTS